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Hazel Clarkson PGDip mBANT

I’m Hazel Clarkson and I run Nutritional Guidance. I used to spend my days in bed with chronic disabling migraines and out-of-whack hormones and when my husband was housebound by juvenile idiopathic arthritis? I didn’t know where to turn.

Then I learned how to understand the body holistically and how food can be your medicine.  

Now I am here, fully qualified to provide you with personalised nutritional guidance, to give you the confidence to make manageable changes, to love the food you eat, and feel fantastic.


Combining evidence-based nutrition science with a functional medicine approach. This means you will get holistic, personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you transform your life and be in control of your own body.

Wherever you are right now on your journey to feeling great, get in touch and we will start from there.