• Hazel Clarkson

Traditional or Baby Led Weaning, which way should you go?

I would like to give a quick run through of the pros and cons for each of these methods as with all decisions baby related it can be very daunting!



  • You know how much they are eating

  • You can puree most family meals, so there is no need to prepare something separate

  • Less worry of choking

  • There are now lots more organic brands available in the shop if you wish to use pre-prepared


  • Potential to overfeed, as baby is spoon fed and not in control

  • Staying on pureed food too long can lead to missing the perfect window for introducing food (between 7 and 9 months)

  • Some shop bought baby food may contain additives which are undesirable

  • Need to wean twice, introducing pureed food and then again to solid food

Baby Led Weaning


  • They eat the same as what you eat

  • No need to prepare anything different

  • They are a part of the family meal

  • They have independence, feeding themselves and choosing what to eat off their plate

  • It develops their fine motor skills

  • There is no need to wean for a second time (weaning to pureed then again to lumps and solid food)


  • It’s messy!

  • You need to be prepared to mostly cook from scratch

  • If you don’t eat “healthy” food, this is not for you – yet (as baby eats the same as you)

  • You can’t tell exactly how much they are eating

  • There is a greater worry for choking – although there is no evidence to suggest that babies choke more with baby led weaning (as long as guidelines for sizes and shapes are followed)

There is no right or wrong way, you should always do what is going to work best for you and your family, and that is not going to be the same as anyone else. Of course there is nothing to say you must choose, you can mix the two approaches!

My next blog is a personal account of my current experience of weaning, with examples and photos of what it looks like for me.

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